Going nowhere fast

I had hoped to be blogging for a warm hotel room in the Harstad in the Lofoten Islands, but here I am still at High Hedges. A phone call at 5.00 p.m. on Saturday evening from our doctor has rather put paid to the trip. Christine is fine, but not fine, if you see what I mean. We await tests etc. but are so impressed by how quickly things have moved since her X ray on Friday. As I say probably nothing to worry about, but better safe than sorry. So no blogging from Norway and indeed, no blogging until we go somewhere else!


Getting ready

Friday, and it’s time to start packing…..not our favourite activity! We have all the details from Discover the World including our tickets. I have phoned them twice with questions which they have answered with patience and good-humour. The weather on the Lofoten Islands looks quite good in the middle of the week with temperatures hovering around freezing. My vests and marble blue long-johns have duly arrived from Damart which means I shall be receiving catalogues, offers and naff gifts for the next five years! So, now excuses, I’d better get the cases out. In case anyone is wondering where the Lofoten Islands are, here are some maps.

Lofoten Map 1

Location of Lofoten Islands


Lofoten Map 2