Kagera – Monday

imageA fairly quiet day as it turned out. We breakfasted well with a delicious omelet with onions, peppers and tomatoes – although Christine would have preferred it for lunch. There was also some bananas and papaya and Nora’s bread which is good but tastes strangely of vanilla. At 9.20 Thomas arrived clearly determined to show us he was not on African time! Together we wandered down to the Diocesan Offices. Unfortunately the bishop was in a meeting so he couldn’t see us straight away. We went to Thomas’s office instead and discussed the future funding of CCMP. Unlike many African meetings I have been to it was short and to the point, with Thomas answering our questions very clearly and succinctly. We left about 11.00 with Thomas promising to phone once the bishop was free. We sat in the garden and read, I did some lines, Christine sewed my trousers to a shorter leg length…..all very pleasant in the warm air. Dorothee and June arrived back from teaching at 12.30 which slightly surprised us as they had said lessons finished at 1.30. When Christine pointed this out, Dorothee looked with horror at her watch and realised that she had dismissed the students an hour early. Strangely they didn’t seem to mind!

Lunch was excellent with rice and more beans, as well as a delicious potato and onion concoction. Dessert was fresh, juicy pineapple and more papaya – wonderful! We then set off to KCTC, the Bible College, to make use of the Internet. No sooner had we sat down than my phone rang and Thomas announced the bishop was ready to see us. So we got up and walked the 50 yards to his office. He seemed genuinely delighted to see us and we talked about a range of issues, but mainly about money, or rather the lack of it in both our dioceses. Climate change was also high on the agenda. After about half an hour we made our excuses and left, which was just as well as another meeting was assembling in the outer office. We returned to the college and went online for about an hour.

Back at the house we sat on the veranda and talked a bit and then I suggested a walk. The escarpment beckoned and we arrived just as a number of people were climbing to the top in the distance, with large bundles of firewood on their heads. The view was not as clear as yesterday but still breath-taking. We walked along the edge and then up onto the path at the back of the hospital. At that point I felt the beans stir and decided to make a quick return to the house.

The sun was now setting and the insects were coming out so we moved indoors. Dorothee had a headache and stomach upset so she went to bed. We enjoyed a light dinner of hard-boiled eggs and bread and peanut butter. Tomorrow we start with another meeting at 9.30 then go to Thomas’ garden. This may not be a ‘holiday’ in the conventional sense, but I am feeling decidedly relaxed!

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