On Thursday we leave for our link diocese in Kagera, Tanzania. We shall try to blog from there although internet access is rather limited. We are looking forward to Noela’s baptism in the cathedral on Sunday and the chance to visit various projects in outlying villages as well as spending a day at NAPS. The region certainly needs our prayers as they face the aftermath of the earthquake around Bokoba (5.7 on the Richter scale; 16 dead and over 200 injured) and the prospect of an on-going drought. Hopefully we will be a help, not a hinderance and we will come back with some new ideas of how we can help the diocese. I will post more as and when I can.

One thought on “Kagera

  1. Hi R&C; thanks for blog – very interesting and very envy-making. I have been right through to the descent from Shimla and the Emperor’s tomb but haven’t yet figured how to ‘Leave a reply’ on the other sections…I’ll keep trying. You seem to be having a great time – I especially liked the story about the dreamed-of alarms and R’s reaction (“so I aroused C”) – so candid; and so Pavlovian. Looking forward to more stories from the Sub.


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