Monday 17th February – Kochi to London

I think we both managed some sleep but not as much as we wanted. Still we were up at 3.00 a.m. and on the coach at 4.00.

Kochi airport was reached by 5.30 thanks to a manic coach driver who sensing the prospect of fairly empty roads and a reason to get somewhere as quickly as possible took full advantage and no prisoners. Luckily I could not see ahead out of the screen as there was a curtain in front of us, but judging by his use of horn, there were shattered and frightened road users scattered in his wake.

Kochi airport is very attractive and entirely solar powered. However, the border and security staff could do with some custom relations training. ‘A smile knows no frontiers’ so I suppose that’s why they didn’t break into one, but it is also said that ‘a smile costs nothing’. This lot wouldn’t give you the sweat off their brow!

Our Emirates flight to Dubai was fairly uneventful except that their in-flight media is called ICE and that could also be applied to the cabin temperature at the start of the flight. I put on my jumper, then requested a blanket and as several passengers went down with frostbite they eventually raised the temperature of the air conditioning. What I had assumed to be a Spanish castanet group practising in another part of the plane turned out to be the chattering teeth of my fellow passengers.

Dubai airport is not only very attractive, but very efficient and Indian airports should take note of how things are done there. The flight to London proved unremarkable except that I watched some good films including ‘Parasite’ which is excellent and ‘Red Joan’ which I also enjoyed. On the earlier flight I had consumed ‘Farmaggedon’ and ‘A Rainy Day in New York’.

Roger was there to meet us and we were home by 8.45. Now to reset the body clock! A lovely, relaxing holiday in great company. It is such a pleasure to travel with this group and to be led so expertly by Mark. Thank you for your company, one and all.

One thought on “Monday 17th February – Kochi to London

  1. Many thanks for keeping me informed of your interesting trip! How many times have you been to India?. Edith used to take the train to Dera Dun and then a bus to her school in Mussoorie. sp? Sorry you were sick – again!


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