Kagera – Saturday

The power cut thankfully was short lived and the water came on in the early hours of the morning, so at 6.00 p.m. I was outside in my pyjamas turning off the water as it overflowed from the tank.

This morning we had nothing planned so we walked the 5 Kms into Ngara by road. Thus involves dropping down into a valley from the Murgwanza ridge and then up the other side onto the Ngara ridge – quite a climb. We decided to visit the Saturday market on the road leading out. This involves going back down a way then climbing up a steep hillside into the market. The colours were amazing. A backdrop of brightly coloured kangas with tomatoes, onions, bananas and pineapples in the foreground. The whole hillside is a warren of steep paths so we climbed up one side, cut across the back through the shoes, kangas, shirts and trousers and down across the hillside through the fruit, vegetables and sugar cane. Four years ago the market felt a little unsafe, bug this time everyone seemed very friendly and we managed to get some good overview pictures. A young man attached himself to Dorothee and I . His English was excellent. He explained that the hillside was being eroded by people and rain. He accompanied us up the road, clearly hoping for some money, but eventually left us at the petrol station empty handed. We decided to take a different road back and followed a red dirt road down the hillside. Many people waved and greeted us. Most wre happy to be photographe. We past two young men harvesting fruits from a tree which we couldn’t identify. They turned out to be parachichi (avocados) of a round variety. We bought two for Ts1,000 – about 40p, although Nora says they are too large.

Eventually we came to the road then took a path that cut off a bend and found ourselves back ant the river. Some beautiful dragonflies were flitting around the fetid water, so I took some pictures. People come here to wash their clothes and collect water, presumably to use at home. Then we climbed the hill and arrived home just over 3 hours after leaving. It had been a great walk, but it was nice to come into the cool of the building and enjoy the lovely lunch Nora had prepared.

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