Tonight in Jerusalem

Good journey to the airport, only one extra layer of security (but very pleasant) before we dropped our bags. We were sitting down to muesli and coffee within 30 minutes of leaving the car! The flight was on time and we were greeted warmly as we got on. After that the cabin crew were efficient in the way a ward sister is efficient as she is about to give you an enema I.e. brusque and no nonsense. The meal (Hindu vegetarian – the only one that fitted our needs) was good. I watched ‘Churchill’ but wished I hadn’t – very self indulgent and hard to hear as only 1 of the audio channels on the headphones seemed to be working. This seemed to be a general fault. We chased the sunset and arrived on time at 9. 10. Passport control was a breeze and our lot could certainly take a leaf out of their book. The official was  very welcoming, chatty and delightful. It was one of the most pleasant entries into a country we have ever experienced.image

Things dipped a bit after that. We couldn’t find the shuttle bus for Jerusalem and when we did (thanks to Dani’s instructions ) it was a bus that needed 10 passengers before it left. So we had to wait about an hour as the driver pimped for passengers! Then their were roadworks at three fpdifferent locations on the main road to the city. Each involved 3 lanes going into 2 so there were long tail backs. We then had to drop off everyone else before we arrived at our hotel about 00.40. Christine was not amused.

Still the hotel is full of character and we had a good night’s sleep. We are also about a 5 minute walk from the old city. Now to explore………


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