Bhutan and North East India – preparations

In ten days time we will be heading off on another adventure, this time to somewhere we have both wanted to visit for a long time – Bhutan. I remember sitting in my junior class at Lympne Primary watching a  Shell film (I think) about ‘Shangri-la’ or Bhutan. I was fascinated by its beauty and thought that I would love to visit it. In 1960 something, it was very difficult to get into as there was not even a driveable road into the place. Today it is much more accessible and has developed a sustainable tourist industry. Kuzu zangpo la - Greetings from Bhutan - Two And Fro

We will fly to Kolkata and then on to Paro in Bhutan. We get our own driver and guide for the two weeks. We shall mainly be in the west and central area of the country. The rivers we shall see are some of the tributaries of the Brahmaputra which we shall then be cruising down during the second part of the holiday. We fly back to Kolkata and then meet Mark Woodrow and other friends and fly out to the far north-east of India for our cruise and then to Darjeeling. Download Bhutan Map

If you would like to follow the blog then please do so. I have no idea what the wi-fi connection will be like in Bhutan, although the guide books say most hotels have it, but I will do my best to post when I can. For me, the blog is my diary which reminds me of what we have done each day once we get home. N E India


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