N.E. India – Day 6 – Delhi belly

Unfortunately not much to say about today. Having thrown up a fair amount in the night, I was now aching and feeling generally grim. Bed seemed the best option and so there I stayed. We missed a trip to a local weaving village, which was a pity. By the afternoon Christine was feeling better and opted to go on a river safari, but I stayed on board. Nevertheless I was able to see an elephant – a great big tusker – and some deer. I also caught the flash of blue which was a kingfisher.

By the evening I was feeling brighter and joined the others for a bonfire on the beach. It was lovely sitting out under the stars, singing songs and reminiscing – we have all reached our anecdotage! Think ‘an al fresco care home’.
I still didn’t fancy much to eat, so it was a bowl of cornflakes and some bread and cheese for us both. I think tomorrow will hopefully see us both back on our feet.


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