London to Jodhpur – 3rd and 4th February

So here we are lying in palatial splendour in our room / suite in the Rohet Hotel in Jodhpur, feeling pretty shattered,having been travelling for over 24 hours. However every hour was. Worth it to be in India once again. Certainly worth it to be in this place which is truly delightful.

In summary. A fast ride to the airport courtesy of Roger the usual at Heathrow and then a flight of just over 6 hours to Dubai with Emirates. Comfortable and a good choice of movies – I went for ‘Downtown Abbey’, can you believe it?! Just what you need on a plane journey. I followed this with ‘Lowry and Son’, which was excellent but very depressing! Arrived in Dubai in the middle of the night and had a 3 hour wait for our next flight to Delhi. Annoyingly I had started ‘Official Secrets’ in the last 2 hours, but because of all the adverts and announcements, failed to finish it by 15 minutes before we landed. An excellent film, so I was relieved to find it also on the flight to Delhi.

Arriving at Delhi,Christine and I both needed the loo before the long queue through border control. Somehow we missed each other and I waited for about 10 minutes outside the toilet to find that my dear one was already filling out entry cards to get into the country. Words were spoken, but quickly passed as we faced the long queue to get our visa in the passport. This wasn’t helped by a cleaner who shut down each booth in turn in order to wipe it down with a dirty rag and some surficant. This reduced our officials to one as he moved along the booths. Only in India! At last we got our stamp and picked up our bags and with Mark, who had kindly waited for his lost sheep we went to the departure area for internal flights. We had to check in our bags again and then go through security etc. Life is one long queue!

The plane that flew us to Jodhpur had clearly seen better days and was able to give us a mid-air Ayurvedic massage as we rolled and rattled along. The landing was firm and we spilled out onto the tarmac from both ends. I thought I’d take a picture of the plane and nearly caused an international incident as apparently this was also a military base and photography was not allowed! I got my picture though.

Finally we boarded our coach for the short journey to this beautiful bijou hotel set ina courtyard. It has been a family home since 1969 and is thoroughly charming. Humming birds busied themselves in the flowers and we were given some lime water to drink that had a strange sulphurous undertone – strange because this is not a volcanic area!

And so to bed until 7.30 when we shall be treated to dinner which will be a thali- delicious!

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