Wednesday 12th – To the backwaters in boats

Unwisely I had breakfast. Rather strangely I became the object of a photography group (students I think) who were taking pictures outside the hotel. They were trying to photograph me through the window. Then another shoot turned up and I was interested that they had a Bluetooth flash. I went out to talk to them, and discovered it was wedding shoot, so I offered my congratulations to the bride and groom but did not get a chance to speak to the photographers. We left the hotel in good order and headed for the backwaters.

‘There is nothing, simply nothing like messing about in boats.’ How true, Ratty, how true. We travelled by coach southwards towards the Kerala backwaters. At some point we were decanted into tuk-tuks and taken down winding lanes to a quayside where our rice boats were waiting. Formalities were completed and we were assigned our vessels. We shared with Mark, who took the stern cabin. Inside there was a large dining room where we could all eat together if we chose. Our bedroom was well appointed with a. Large 4 poster bed, but no hanging space. The bathroom or wet room was beautifully tiled and had everything we needed. We had a crew of 4 who have proved to be delightful and thoughtful.

We set off across the Vembanad Lake and pottered into a backwater. Unfortunately I began to feel ill so took to my bed while Mark and Christine lazed around and drank pomegranate juice. David joined them for the evening meal, while I lay on my bed feeling sorry for myself.

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